Enochian Magick Training – Level 4 – U.S.A.

The_Archangel_RaphaelThis class is for Ritual Masters only.  Pre-requisites are Enochian Magick Training Levels 1, 2 & 3.

Enochian Magick Level 4 Training introduces the RM student to the Third Hierarchy of Enochian Angels–the Angels of the 30 Ayres.  How these Angels function and serve humanity will be explored as well as the 30 regions (Ayres) they inhabit and serve in.  By learning something more about what happens in each of these 30 Ayres, about the Angels that serve there and how this is related to our lives, we can reach a deeper understanding of the tests and challenges we face day to day.

DATE: Monday March 14th and Monday March 21st, 2016

LOCATION: East Stroudsburg, PA


DEPOSIT: $100.00

Contact Sandra Reed at slreed@ptd.net or call 570-730-4265 to register.