Once in awhile we introduce something that has been ???carried out??? of the Holy Temples and is handed down to a select few initiates in order for the travelers on this path to be able to benefit from the High Priest and Priestess work without coming to the Temple itself, which, most of the time, is not possible.


One such modality is the




In this session you will have all 16 gates of your perception sealed with Enochian energy to enable you, as a Light Worker to use more of your own energy for yourself and not have it be wasted or leak off into the ether. This will increase your energy significantly and make it much easier to do light work. After this session you will not feel so tired when doing any form of energetic work. This means more energy for you to use on your clients and family and in turn they benefit far more greatly.


Other major benefits of this session are:


  • Clearing resistances to moving more deeply into the light.
  • Remove obstacles and blockages from you fulfilling your destiny.
  • The ability to use far more energy when healing or working with others.
  • Huge clearing of negative energies in your aura.
  • Extra protect in your aura from damage.


Because of the uniqueness and the level of precision and understanding required in this work there is currently only one practitioner in all of North America qualified to do this very special work.


DAVE LANYON, 3rd step Ritual Master, Teacher and Guide is the only Certified Enochian Sealing Practitioner in North American and is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!


Dave travelled to Japan and studied this art of sealing straight from the MMS World Headquarters Master Teachers and after intense study and practice, has been qualified to do these sessions. He finished his qualification training with honours and showed tremendous dignity and dedication to the Great Work.



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To book your session please contact: info@mmscanadianhq.com or call 416-625-3470