The Moon rises in full glory once again and as she illumines the power of Libra, she seeks to restore and bring balance to our lives. At this time of year, we seek balance between the inner and outer world, balance in our relationships and balance of our own masculine and feminine energies.

Through the power of receptivity and the light of the full moon, we have the chance to reclaim and restore that lost sense of balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine. Through ceremony, we have the opportunity to connect to the light of the Moon and engage her power to heal, restore balance and illumine the darker aspects of self so that they may come to light.

The MMS Wicca Coven invites you to join us in ceremony as we heal, connect to our inner nature and restore balance!


Wednesday, April 17th 2019

8:00pm to 10:00pm

Modern Mystery School HQ
41 International Blvd, Etobicoke

Energy Exchange: $25.00 with pre-registration

$35.00 at the door

** Please send us an email to let us know you will be attending so that we can look forward to your presence in ceremony! You may reach us at