The Galactic activation or the 24-Strand DNA activation activates the last 2 strands that have been dormant within us since human beings have been on earth. If you have already had the Life/DNA Activation (or what was previously called the 22-Strand DNA Activation), this will be the missing piece in connecting the entire blueprint. This will in fact begin a journey of much easier flow in your life and you will start moving in alignment with your entire blueprint. We have been operating at a mere 10% of our capacity, a fact repeated in scientific literature.
We can now have access to our full potential! And it is time to have the hidden aspects of us awaken and unfold!


This class was brought to us by the Galactic Masters to help those who have received the Galactic Activation ???The Body accelerate the divine body building process.
This connection improves the function of the pituitary gland and functions of the soul. It also helps to unite with the Galactic mind and awakening of the universal consciousness.
This important step in your progression will lead you to a higher consciousness.
You will be guided in a variety of exercises to prepare you for the Universal connection so please wear comfortable clothing.

DATE: July 23rd & 24th, 2016

TIME: 1:00 pm

LOCATION: 1001 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, New Jersey 08846

INVESTMENT : $600 if you pre register $700 at door

AUDIT : $400 Both days and $300 for one day two only if you pre register

CONTACT : Lorraine at the Tree of Light Healing Center

Tel: 973-714-5143