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To assist you with quick access to some resources and how-to steps, you may with to book mark this page for a quick reference!

This page will have specific information for Certified Guides. You will also find information you need on the Resources for Life Activation Practitioners page.

On the Life Activation Practitioners Resources page, you will find:

  • How to Access the MMS Student Database
  • How to Order Flyers
  • Disclaimer and Informed Consent Forms for Practitioners
  • Links for Modern Mystery School Online resources 
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Adept Fee Payment Authorization Forms

Adept Forms and Adept Fee Payments are due with 3 days of teaching the Empower Thyself Class. Late forms and fees are subject to late fees.

Please send your completed Adept Fee Payment Authorization forms to

If you wish to put a card on file with us, please fill out this authorization PDF.

Your Own Web Presence as a Certified MMS Guide

As a Guide, you know that will have your professional websites operational and want to use the official MMS logo to indicate your affiliation.

As you may know, Guides have slightly different parameters than Life Activation Practitioners, Healers and Teachers.

If you are promoting yourself on a social media platform, we encourage you to refer to yourself as certified by the MMS and link back to the MMS website or social media pages (see the full listing here).

If you have a website and would like to use the MMS logo to officially mark your certification and affiliation. There is a process for review for this and certain criteria would have to be met.

The Certified Guide would:

  • Be in full compliance with the MMS Code of Ethics
  • Have their own website
  • Have their MMS certification clearly indicated an referenced on that website
  • Have a direct and clearly indicated link back to the Modern Mystery School International official website.
  • Have the lineage clearly referenced (for instance, in your “About” section or bio).
  • Only share lineage modalities, services and teachings.
  • Also have an appropriate and professional social media presence. (Separate from any personal social media.)
If these requirements are met, your request to use the logo will be reviewed. Please contact Christina Mars to have your website reviewed for the above alignment. She will then guide you to the next steps.

Contact us!

As always, MMS International Administration can be contacted in the following ways:


PHONE: 416-625-3470

TOLL-FREE: 1 (877) 275-1383 (in North America)

MMS INT HQ Admin directory

Kathleen Lanyon, Vice-President of Administration

  • Program Registration
  • Database management
  • Executive officer of all administration
  • Management and Organization MMS HQ
  • MMS INT Facilitation Team Director
  • In charge of HQ facilitation, team directives and coordination for all INT classes.
  • Adept Forms and Fees & INT Class SAFs and Fees
  • Apprentice Guide Monitoring Assignments
  • Charitable Contributions Co-ordinator

Christina Mars, Vice-President of Communications

  • Internal Communications within MMS (emails)
  • Director of External Communications (Public Relations, Media, Marketing)
  • MMS Website management
  • MMS’ social media content, presence and standards
  • LIFE – Modern Mystery School Documentary Series
  • Policy Management & Meetings
  • Requests to facilitate INT Class in local areas (final approval by Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave)
  • Contracts, NDAs and all other signed agreements with students
  • MMS INT Facilitation Team Member

Sylwester Organka, Administrative Specialist

  • Database and Administrative assistance
  • Warriors of Light Co-ordinator
  • Ensofic Ray Administrator
  • MMS INT Facilitation Team Member

Peter LozanoProduct and Inventory Processor

  • Product Order fulfillment
  • Shipping Commander
  • Audio/Visuals Co-ordinator
  • MMS INT Facilitation Team Member

Christina Becerra, Executive Assistant to Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

  • Manager of the Ritual Master & Guide Application process
  • Apprentice Guide Reports
  • MMS INT Facilitation Team Member

Contact Us

Modern Mystery School 41 International Blvd Etobicoke, ON M9W 6H3


1-877-275-1383 (Toll free)



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