DATE: Saturday, September 17th

We know that the last few years have brought their challenges to everyone in various ways.  While we as initiates do have tools and knowledge that may have helped us navigate the goings on in the world, we were in no way unscathed by this experience. We recognize that many are still struggling to overcome and rebuild themselves. Never in our lives have we witnessed the world and life as we knew it shut down in the way that it did or face this kind of turmoil.

Even now as things are open and slowly returning to the way that we might recall, there is still a lot of uncertainly left behind by the effects of Covid.

To help support and re-build, the team at Modern Mystery School Canadian Head Quarters would like to reach out with an opportunity for you to receive healing as well as participate in a Circle of Light Healing Journey Meditation on Saturday, September 17th.

We will be offering a selection of speciality healings at a discounted rate during the day, as well as the opportunity to participate in the Circle of Light Healing Meditation taking place later the same day.

The team at HQ are all highly trained practitioners, senior level initiates and in many cases are teaching these modalities during international programs.

The sessions below are priced not only below the minimum worldwide pricing but also well below the usual rate for these practitioners.  Making this is a terrific opportunity for you to receive these sessions and the benefits that they offer!

The following healings will be available for booking at a discounted rate:


The will of the higher self always desires good, however, at times we are not always in alignment with that Will. By clearing and cleaning up the etheric structure, you become more balanced between the Will of God, the Will of the Universe & Nature and the Will of Humans. This creates immense clarity of life and purpose while also opening up the mind to allow the self to be affected by the true Will of God. This modality enhances the connection with the spiritual self while having more reverence for the experience of Life.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $133.85 including all taxes and fees.



This powerful healing comes from the Advanced Sacred Geometries (Level 5). This modality re-calibrates the whole magnetic structure of a person while activating the Fire Souls – Spirit in the body. This is what is referred to in the Vedas as the first step of the Kundalini Awakening. Receiving this infusion is another huge step in the activation of awareness of our true divine nature.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $133.85 including all taxes and fees.



This healing comes from the deep teaching of Goethian Magick, which enables us to destroy the fabric and seeds of our thought patterns, emotional, physical and mental. This modality recreates new patterns so that you can move to the next level in your spiritual life and take the next steps forward in your life where you choose.

The Hands of Melchizedek helps you get out of the current state that you are in and overcome that which is holding you back.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $133.85 including all taxes and fees.



Based on the 7 principles of Hermes and the Emerald Tablet, this modality is the most powerful re-balancing we have in the mystery school tradition. Each session clears out the 7 layers of your energy field that correspond to the 7 Rays, allowing them to flow through you in a way that is uninhibited, stable and constructive. The clarity attained through this rebalancing will help you to  “See” the world in a new way, where you are able to see through the illusion and identify the true nature of things.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $218.81/per session including all taxes and fees.  Recommendation of 3 sessions received 1 week apart



The archangels are the ultimate servants of humanity, willing to serve us in whatever capacity we desire that is within our highest good. The archangels are accessed in this magickal process to direct energy toward our will and desire.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $75.65 including all taxes and fees.



The Tree of Life is a symbol that represents the divinity of human life, and the most powerful expression of God that we humans have to access. It is a representation of our DNA and working with the Tree of Life can actually change the way our lives look and feel.  In this healing, the Tree of Life is activated and accessed to allow great healing and transformation to take place.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $218.81 including all taxes and fees.



Using the energies of the Gods and Goddesses Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this modality causes a death and rebirth of the emotional body which in turn creates a revitalized mental and physical state of being. As a result of this realignment, people often experience having more available energy, more usage of the brain capacity and more vitality for everyday life.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $133.85 including all taxes and fees.



The comfort of Christ and the Holy Virgin Mary. This powerful energy can be used to heal physical aches and pains as well as emotional trauma, stress and confusion.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $75.65 including all taxes and fees.



By accessing the ray of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God and Creator, this modality uses the source energy of creation to clear out your aura of unwanted lower vibrations that do not serve your best interest. It heals as it purifies your personal energy field, restoring its capacity to contain Light. The Ra healing places you in a protective seal which acts as a buffer between you and undesirable negative energies. You will feel lighter, refreshed, and revitalized.

Discounted Rate Available this day only $174.59 including all taxes and fees.

Circle of Light Healing Meditation

Come and gather with a like minded community to amplify your energy to bring healing to the self, our friends and family and humanity as a whole.  You will be able to utilize the energy that you bring in to help bring focus, cultivate peace, activate healing and to maintain balance.

Time – 7:00 pm

Cost – included in price above for individual healing sessions or $15 including taxes and fees for those not receiving a session on this day.  Advanced registration is required.


Healing appointment spaces are limited and are booked on a first-come first-served basis. 

In order to register for any of the healings above please contact us by email or call  (416) 625-3470. Please let us know which service you are requesting, and we will be in touch regarding scheduling for this day.