11_11_11_by_soul7-d3t1fjsDo you feel aspects of yourself out of balance?

Have you had times in your life where nothing seems to be going right, but there is nothing physically wrong?

What is energy healing and why do we need it?

We need healing on all levels because we are more than just flesh and bones. Just as you need a doctor to treat a physical illness, your spiritual dis-ease needs to be healed also.

The art of spiritual or energy healing is actually closer to a science and practitioners are trained as such through intensive education programs with MMS. The lineage of King Salomon has many distinct and powerful modalities that facilitate the truest of healing and deep transformation. These modalities include:

??? Life Activation ??? as taught in Healers Academy 1

??? 10 healing modalities ??? as taught in Healers Academy 2

??? King Salomon Healing Modalities ??? the most comprehensive healing system we have for mind, body and spirit

??? Etheric Reconstruction ??? multiple levels to address deep-seeded disbalance in the etheric layer of the auric body

??? Sacred Geometry healings, Aura healings, Angel healings, Kabbalistic healings, Enochian Healings, and so so much more!

But how does it all work?

Why is it necessary for us on a metaphysical level to understand why healing is necessary?

Join Dave Lanyon for an insightful and informative presentation on….

The how, the why and the mystery behind true healing
Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
7 p.m.


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