Our Mission

The Modern Mystery School is in service to all of humanity to assist in the ascension of the human consciousness on this planet. This is a mission the school and its lineage holders have been working towards for over 3,000 years. The purpose of the school is to help people achieve their highest spiritual potential in order to become the Adam Kadmon: god-like beings in the physical. The school provides people with the tools and teachings they need in order to empower themselves and realize that they are their own greatest teacher, so that they may remember who they truly are.

The school carries out the work of the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT on this planet and is charged with honouring, preserving and handing down the tools and teachings in the lineage of King Salomon. This is done through initiation and the handing-down of sacred tradition, the Modern Mystery School works to bridge the spiritual and the physical worlds by anchoring and flowing the energy of abundance.

Our Vision:

The Modern Mystery School will bring about the creation of the new ???Shamballah Energy??? on this Earth for the highest good of all beings.