How the Journey with Axanar began

“People have asked me, is this a dream come true? My answer is no. I would have had to believe I could dream it — I never in my wildest dreams believed it could be possible!”

As a life-long Star Trek fan, Dave Lanyon, lineage holder for the Modern Mystery School, has gotten involved in a personal passion project, a fan-made studio production called Axanar. Many people are wondering why…. In this video, he explains the why and the how.

His involvement in the project has grown and expanded to something beyond something he ever believed would be possible! Because of this, he wants to share it with everyone.

Let it be a reminder to everyone to not only dream big and shoot for the stars, but also ALLOW those dreams to become real — and even if it’s a dream, keep living it. You never know what may be created. It could be beyond your wildest dreams!


Christina Mars, Vice-President of Communications for the MMS, began her journey with the Kabbalah shortly after becoming initiated into the mystery school tradition. What started out as a personal odyssey of self-discovery, it became clear to Christina that the power of the Kabbalah was something she wanted to share with others.

Christina has a unique ability to bring the esoteric concepts of Kabbalah into practical, real-life situations and shows others how to apply this wisdom every day. A key motivating factor for Christina is to inspire others to remember that there is choice in life. Empowerment comes from knowing that there is choice and that one doesn’t have to live a life that is not enjoyable or fulfilling.

Magick, ancient knowledge, the teachings of the mysteries on the path of initiation all contain the keys to healing, empowerment, joy and passion in life — and it has become Christina’s mission in life to share these keys with all those seeking and desiring to move forward in their own lives. The Kabbalah and Tree of Life hold those keys.

For more than a decade, Christina has helped many people get to know themselves not only through the Kabbalah but also through personal healing sessions, activations, initiation and the magick of Wicca. As a Wiccan High Priestess and lineage holder for the Wiccan magick in the Modern Mystery School, she has connected many people with the transformational power that exists with the elements and nature, and weaves that connection into all that she does. As a Kabbalah Instructor, she shares the ancient wisdom of the Tree of Life with initiates who wish to master their mind and emotions, fulfill their life’s purpose and connect with the divine expression of themselves and with God.

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