I am Goddess

Christina Mars MMS International

My inspiration to create these videos and series of photos (below) has come from other women in the world.

I have traveled to many different places in the world. Everywhere I go, I see the same common problem surrounding me. So many women suffering. So many lost in the madness of our changing world. So many just trying to keep up. Living, but not living alive. What has happened to the Goddesses of the world? I often ask myself this question. What is it that we deeply want in this very existence? What is it that will please us? Bring us joy? Bring us acceptance and love? What is that we need to help us understand our power? To help us realize our potential?

How is it that the Goddess has lost so much love of her Self?  The pure essence of the feminine is slowly dying.

We are failing to understand that we are loving, compassionate, giving and transformative beings. We are the very energy that leads the world.

Feminine energy along with masculine energy, we weave the tapestry of life.  We are a channel that receives the light and returns it out back to the world transformed.

We fight every day to prove that we can do it all, but yet we ignore that the all we can do needs not to be proven. Our very existence is enough.

We are so willing to give up the self to prove what we are capable of. What if we all do those things without having to sacrifice our oureslf, our power, our very energy?  The energy that is so important to this world and its future.

Although we all share responsibility on this planet, fair enough to say, we still weave the leading energy in the world and it isn’t something we should ignore. We have massive potential, therefore we have a massive effect on a global level. Are we living alive? Or are we content that we have survived another day?

The greatness of the Goddess needs to return. It needs to show her self once again in its purest essence. Now more than ever the children of the world are suffering. They are in need of great nurturing and love. The potential of men is dying. It needs the vessel of light to receive. Women are dying, we need to love each other and work together in unity and in pureness.

For the women in the world that are fighting for their existence and their power. I am here to fight with you. For the women in the world that have lost oneself in the madness of our world, I am here to help guide, support you and remind you of who you are and what is it to be in the feminine. To once again lead you back to reclaim your crown.

I hope the expression, beauty, and words in this campaign will inspire you!

On a mission to World Peace,
With great love,
Franca Lanyon

Please enjoy this collection of words and images meant to inspire and awaken the Goddess Within.
The I AM GODDESS project is presented to you by
Franca Lanyon – International Instructor and CEO of Modern Mystery School Canada.


Featuring Franca Lanyon – International Instructor and CEO of Modern Mystery School Canada



Featuring Theresa Bullard – International Instructor based out of Los Angeles, California


Featuring Martina Coogan – International Instructor and CEO of Modern Mystery School Europe


Featuring Rita Van den Berg – International Instructor based out of Johannesburg, South Africa


Featuring Liza Rossi – International Instructor based out of Florianopolis, Brazil


Featuring Christina Lozano – International Instructor and Vice-President of Modern Mystery School Canada