Sylwester Organka

Anthony Colli


Having traveled the world extensively, Sylwester has dedicated his life to learning, researching, and teaching the ancient internal arts of healing. With over 20 years of Martial Arts experience, Sylwester, a North American Muay Thai Champion, certified Medical Qigong instructor and a Teacher and Guide in the Modern Mystery School. He began his journey into the healing arts when he began to notice his body and mind breaking down from the rigorous demands of competition. He made a decision to invest into his health and well-being which lead him to travelling across the world to learn and apprentice from various teachers and masters.

He has compiled his knowledge and experience to share and confirm that our capability to heal ourselves, expand our consciousness and forge our maximum potential is far greater than what we have been led to believe.

Currently, Sylwester travels between Toronto and Tokyo teaching hundreds of students a year while dedicating himself to assist his students and clients to achieve their goals of optimal health, personal transformation, and spiritual growth .