The Ancient Egyptians are famous for their extensive and elaborate practices and Ritual Rites surrounding Death.  Much was put into this process so that the Soul was liberated and truly able to live out its purpose in the next life.  Entire sacred sites were built to honour this.  Death being a truly Holy and Transformative process.  

As Ritual Masters in the King Salomon Lineage we are no strangers to Holy Rites, Transformation, and the significance of Life, Death and Rebirth as a Gateway through which we step to be born a new.  Where we come to Greater Wholeness with our Soul and Spirit, a step we all take many times over.  To die and be born anew is unavoidable and an absolute must if we intend to progress as Guardians of the Flame and serve Humanity in the Highest.

This Powerful Healing has not been made available for many years.  It aids those who wish to let go of their old energy, their old patterns and that which is blocking their progression.  From this new place can you step forward and transform your life, becoming more whole and in alignment with your Soul and Spirit.  

Given the preparation and number of Ritual Masters needed to do this session there is limited bookings available.  Book your spot with 50% deposit.

DATE: Friday January 17th, 2020

TIME: 6 p.m.

COST: $300 USD*/$400 CAD*

*Plus Tax

DEPOSIT: $150 USD / $200 CAD

PRE-REQUISITE:  Minimum level of initiation required is Ritual Master Novice

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