First written by Lao Zi in the ancient book; Dao De Jing that dates back over 2000 years in China. The Primordial Breath is an ancient internal process utilizing meditation and breathwork to unravel the deeper layers of our potential. It is a multi-stage sequence involving visualizations, various breathing techniques and muscle tension to achieve healing, transformation and maximum human potential. It is said; the Primordial Breath could very well be the most infinitely deep Qigong Breathing technique known.

This training will greatly benefit those looking to reduce stress in their life while increasing energy; as a complement to an existing physical training routine; or for those wanting to dive deeper into their inner being and connection to the universe.

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to: 

  • Apply the various techniques for personal healing, transformation and maximum human potential
  • Practice the Primordial Breath in its entirety on your own.
  • Possess deeper knowledge of this ancient and powerful Qigong breathing meditation 

In this class you will discover:

  • An ancient guided Qigong breathing meditation over 2000 years old
  • Learn the origins and benefits of the Primordial Breath, Qigong and Chinese Medicine 
  • How to harmonize your breath, body and spirit into one force
  • Learn to pulse your upper Dan Tien (third eye)
  • Move and store Qi (universal energy)
  • Theory and practice of the Golden Elixir (Chinese inner alchemy for healing and transformation)
  • How to engage the Pinal and Pituitary glands
  • Learn to naturally tap into alternate states of consciousness
  • Enhance your spiritual intuition 
  • Learn and apply 3 types of abdominal breathing: Basic, Advanced and Taoist Reverse 

What to Bring:

  • Writing materials
  • Comfortable loose clothing
  • Water

Date: Saturday, October 19th, 2019

Start Time: 10:00 am

End time: 2:30 p.m.

Cost: $120 plus tax

Deposit: $50

* Class is open to all levels. No prior experience with meditation or breath work is required.

Registration is required in order to attend.

 You may reach us at: