Core and Elective Programs

Core Programs are those that are the main focus of the MMS student in learning higher teachings. All higher teachings in the school require the student to have attended and successfully completed various core programs in advance of other classes/programs.

Elective Programs are those that a student many opt to take and ???specialize??? in, for example, Native American Studies. Often these can be taken without being an initiate of the school; HOWEVER, a student taking these classes will gain far deeper meanings to the elective programs then a non-student by far!

Core Programs


Empower Thyself Program and Initialization

knighting.jpgWelcome to the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light!

The Empower Thyself Program is one of the oldest teachings on the planet and is a unique way of becoming more involved with the Light Work conducted by the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT.

The Initiation that most, or perhaps all Light Workers have already received is one of Self Initiation. As we say to the universe that we want to serve, we are initiated.

All Masters who have walked the planet have experienced this physical initiation.

The Empower Thyself Program brings you to a higher level of light and knowledge so that you will have ten times more light than you have before.

It will also bring you into full physical and spiritual abundance. After the initiation you are under the guiding wing of the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT.

The part of the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT that you will be initiated into is the Great Brother and Sisterhood of Light. This is the working group or physical workforce of the HIERARCHY. Here we serve in the physical in order to better humanity.

The Empower Thyself Program is a preparation for the Initiation, and brings down energies to the individual to use in the work. The initiate is thereby identified as an Adept. The Adept means that he/she has excelled in an area of Light Work, or is “adept” enough in holding energies so that he/she can begin to do the work. This is not left to our judgement, but rather it is up to the HIERARCHY to decide who is ready.

To become a part of the Empower Thyself Program one needs to ask, and that request will be brought forward to the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT in a special ritual.

If one is accepted, then one can enter into the program.

The Empower Thyself Program is a class that operates based on the energy being brought into the Initiation by the HIERARCHY. The amount of time the class lasts depends on the energy and what is required for that particular class. The program is taught by a Guide member of the HIERARCHY. Guides are trained according to the highest principles, value and standards established and held by the Modern Mystery School.

To locate a Guide in Canada please contact or see our Certified Guides Listing

For an International Guide listing please see:

Know Thyself Program and Initiation

TeachersThis program is for those looking to take the next step in their spiritual progression and are contemplating how they can best serve others. There is so much about ourselves that is hidden beneath the surface, that in our daily life and routines we don’t often get the opportunity to explore. This 3-day intensive program is an exercise in exploration of self. To “Know Thyself” is the purpose of the ancient Mystery School tradition and it is written over ever doorway.

During this program you will be guided to explore various facets of your belief system, thought processes, judgements, behaviours and perceived realities. You will have the opportunity to lift the mask of personality and connect to your true individuality and your spiritual self. By delving into the deep pools of your being, your true essence is revealed. Your personal mission becomes clear and the path opens before you.

There are Specialty Guides who will facilitate this experience for you. They will host an opportunity for you to connect with the Masters of Light who have walked the planet to show us the way of Light. In connecting with the energies of these masters, you will gain a greater understanding of their true purpose, which can illuminate the path of service that is right for you. The Specialty Know Thyself Guides are especially trained to take you through a variety of techniques, which will be used to help you access your creative, intuitive, and meditative abilities, thereby tapping into the rich fabric of inner knowledge and wisdom. Through meditation, reflection and self-expression, you will be exposed to the energetic tools and teachings that will greatly assist you in coming to know yourself better and further your personal journey of spiritual progression. The focus is on knowing yourself from within so that you can fully actualize your life purpose.

From this point, you may be interested in pursuing the path of the Healer and Guide, or Ritual Master (see below for descriptions of these programs). There are many areas of study, tools and empowerments in Mystery School tradition that can further assist you in knowing yourself better and serving others.

Healers Academy

After your 2nd Step Initiation in Know Thyself, you may choose to start your path of service as a Healer. In the Healers Academy Level 1, you will gain certification to perform the Life Activation as well as other energy balancing and healing modalities. The path of the Healer is one of service to others. in healing others, we come to heal ourselves. This is the path of the “Light Worker,” being a beacon of Light and hope for all those you meet.

The Light comes from En-sof and is distributed through the Central Sun throughout the Universe. It is the sustaining power of all living things and as such, ???is??? all living things. This is the force that a ???light worker??? uses and it is imperative that one receives the proper initiation and instruction on how to work with this energy. As humans, the light is that which sustains our physical life experience. It is this same life force that creates the duality within our universe as well as within us. The battle between light and darkness is an ever on going battle, and is not one that we have a choice regarding. Our only choice is what side we choose to work for, and choose we must.

The Healers Academy provides you with sufficient knowledge and information to start your own spiritual business or to enhance the one you already have.

Some of the healings taught in the Healers Academy Level 1 are:

  • Life Activation.
  • Basic Etheric Surgery
  • Balancing Elemental Platforms
  • 16-Lotus Petal Balancing
  • Spark of Light Remote Healing
  • Negative Crystal Removal
  • And so much more!

After successful completion of the Healers Academy Level 1, you will be considered a certified Life Activation Practitioner.

Advanced healings and techniques are taught in Healers Academy Levels 2 and 3. After successful completion of Levels 2 and 3 you will be considered a certified Healer.

Healers Academy Level 1 and 2 in coming April 2011!

The Guide

NON EST AD ASTRA MOLLIS E TERRIS VIA: There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.

The GuideInitiation as a Guide in the Brother and Sisterhood of Light is the third and final step in the path of a Teacher and Healer within the Modern Mystery School. This initiation is perhaps the most difficult part of the entire Teachers and Healers program. It takes tremendous effort, dedication and commitment to become a Guide. It is here where the strength of the Spirit and the courage to act on this is at its highest. Being initiated as a Guide is the strongest manifestation of the power of God in its purest form that can be expressed in our physical reality.

To be made a Guide is an extremely high honour which carries with it responsibilities and a level of commitment that cannot be taken lightly. A Guide is given the power to initiate both Adepts and Teachers into the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. A Guide is trained to love and respect all, without exception or judgement. A Guide is also in complete service at all times, on all planes and in all dimensions. The dedication of a Guide is the highest level of commitment one can make to the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT, as well as to God.

What Does A Guide Do?

Some of the duties a Guide performs are:

  • Teaching Empower Thyself classes as well as initiating Adepts into the Great Brother and Sisterhood of Light.
  • Initiating Teachers (Know Thyself Program) into the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. This can only be done with the oversight of the Master Teachers within the School.
  • Teaching other various programs and courses as handed down by the Master Teachers.
  • Healing and guiding those who require our help.

These are only a few of the many duties that a Guide performs.

While a Guide is here to assist others on their life journey, they must also be mindful of the fact that in their guidance, they cannot take another persons journey of discovery away from them. We all have been blessed with the agency of free will as part of our life experience here in the physical. While a Guide can point the way, it is always up to the individual to ultimately decide what path they take and choices they may make. The results of those choices are always the karmic responsibility of the individual themselves.

How Do I Become A Guide?

To become a Guide you must first become a Teacher with the MMS. After your training and initiation as a Teacher is complete, you may send a written or electronic request outlining why you wish to become a Guide. This application is taken directly to the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT for approval, as those selected for this honour are chosen solely at the discretion of the HIERARCHY.

It is rare that you will be approved upon your first request. In time, if you are diligent and dedicated to your training and the Light, the HIERARCHY may approve you to be initiated as a Guide. This initiation is done by the Headmaster personally and other Guides will be in attendance. Only other Guides may witness this initiation.

The Ritual Master Program

Ritual Magick is the art of summoning, controlling, working with and doing service to the powers of the universe! This is the art of mastering Life, Light and Magick, High magick, for the benefit of humanity. As a ritual master one must have the authority and lineage to call upon the powers of heaven and thus be in line to work with the powers of the universe. For You To Be In Control Is The Goal! The Ritual Master is taught the some of the highest and most secretive rituals and magick known to man. These teaching have over 3000 years plus, of history. The teachings include the highly guarded knowledge of King Salomon the Wise, one of the greatest Ritual Masters that ever walked the earth!

Authority and Lineage

Ritual Master As a student of the Ritual Master teacher you will be adopted into his or her lineage. This is necessary for the powers to come down and empower you. In this the student can be a part of that magick and partake of the powers that have been given that particular clan or lineage.

The authority is given with the initiation that the student gets after he/she successfully finishes the Ritual Master Program.

The lineage and authority that you are going to become a part of is:

Gudni “Ged” Gudnason was born as in northern ‘Viking lands’ of Iceland and was initiated into the lineage of King Salomon with priesthood powers from high Priest Melchizedek, (this was done in the Great Pyramid of Giza) guardian of the secret of the Holy Grail and authorized to do the work by the HIERARCHY of Light in all manner with the highest powers given to a human.

He has been teaching the KABBALAH since 1976 and was trained first by a RABBI in the traditional Jewish Kaballah and later in Universal Kaballah by the original Order of the Golden Dawn.

Gudni has won the Swedish Artist of the Year Award, Poet of the Year and Businessman of the Year. He has been awarded The International Peace Prize for Humanitarian Work from the United Cultural World Society.

He is also the former 4 time full contact Karate Champion of Europe and holds numerous instructorships in martial arts including Arnis, a10th degree black belt in Kimewaza Karate, a Japanese Martial Art that evolved from White Dragon Gung Fu and 5th degree black belt in Shaolin Gung Fu. He has taught the Personal Body Guards of His Holiness The Dali Lama.

He is an ordained Minister, Initiated Celtic Shaman, Viking Shaman, Druid Priest, Templar Knight and High Priest of Isis.

Mr. Gudnason has lived and studied all over the world in such places as Iceland, Africa, Tibet, India, Romania, England, Sweden, United States and Japan.

Guardian of the secret of the Holy Grail and authorized to do the work by the Hierarchy of light in all manners with the highest powers given to humanity.

This is what you are adopted into! Welcome….

How Do I Become A Ritual Master?

The process of becoming a Ritual Master is a long and difficult road. Many try to achieve this but fail. The process is that of eliminating the EGO and becoming pure in the use of energy – to master oneself and the powers of Heaven and the Universe. The process is as follows:

  1. Get the DNA Activation by a certified MMS Teacher
  2. Become an Adept in the Brother/Sisterhood of Light.
  3. Become a Teacher in the MMS and get your Adam Kadmon Activation.
  4. Apply and get approval to enter the Ritual Master Program.
  5. Complete the Keys to Magick Mastery class (can be done prior to RM approval).
  6. Take the Ritual Master Program (3 initiations over 2 – 7 years+).
  7. During or before the Ritual Master Program start the Universal Kabbalah Program. This must be completed before your 3rd Ritual Master Initiation.

Your application is overseen and processed by the Ritual Master Teacher (Gudni Gudnason) who consults and takes directive from the High Counsel of GOR. You must also be accepted by the Ritual Master Teacher who has the authority to decline a student without given reasons. He is the teacher and can choose the students accepted under his wings.

You may send your request to be trained on a Ritual Master Application to the Modern Mystery School Canadian Headquarters ( and your name will be submitted to Gudni to be approved. There was a time when very few people were accepted into the Ritual Master program. With the shifting energy more souls have entered the earth prepared and ready to serve as Ritual Masters. More people then ever are being accepted by the High counsel of Gor as Ritual Masters than has ever been in the history of the Mystery Schools.

None the less this is still a very hard program and training to complete. The main reason for this is that the program deals with the elimination of the ego. Ego has no place in the mind of a ritual master. At the same time as we are dealing with the ego we are working with the mysteries and secret doctrine that has been kept from the general public for centuries.

This program is very important, it is the old way of doing things, and you will be going on this journey to explore these things. Each of you will be taught differently and according to your individual needs. This program deals with the power of creation, the true Priesthood of God and the manifestation of all thought in the physical. This is the power of the ritual master and this is a great power to have. This also brings on great responsibility and again this is where the ego comes in.

This is a VERY difficult program and is not for everyone. The objective is to press your negative ego to the point of you quitting and ‘washing out’. Should you grow strong enough to overcome this you will be one of the few elite ‘Warriors of Light’ who can stand as true servants of the light confronting energetic evils on all planes without fear.

We must be worthy of the honour of becoming a Ritual Master, which is given to us by the Hierarchy of Light. We must be humble and always think of the best of the whole before our own best. Most will fail on this part alone.

Learning how not to stand in a state of negative ego is extremely difficult as most of us identify ourselves via our negative ego. Judgments, our likes and dislikes, our rules of morality, wrongs, rights, are often derived from our negative ego leaving us and the world in a very sad existence indeed. Causing us and the world pain and suffering which has grown into a world wide experience of negativity. War, hatred, prejudice, anger at our neighbours, family, abuse, depression, and so much more pouring in through our negative ego and feeding the energy of the world around us.

Being a ritual master is not something to do as a hobby it is in fact a profession. It is a new way of life for you and your closest family and friends. This is a job and should be considered as such, not a thing to do on the side.

A Ritual Master “Never” Works For Free!
Many have the notion that light work should be free and that you cannot be abundant. This is wrong!

It is prohibited for a Ritual Master to work for free and if this is the case the Hierarchy will take away the gifts they have shared with you.

The equal exchange of energy must be there or the powers of the universe will not flow correctly, the infinity loop is fully in effect for the Ritual Master.

Even the Master of all Masters, the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ, took pay for his services. He got paid in food, water, clothes, and shelter, which at the time were more precious than gold.

By entering this program one has entered the oldest services to humanity in the world. This is so, plain and simple! A Ritual Master gets paid for teaching this program and then the student goes out and does ritual services and he/she gets paid for that. This is the equal exchange that we have and this is very important!

Light work is not about money and in many cases one can do a lot for free, like give people free teaching or healing. This is according to the wishes or inspiration of each light worker. However, this program can not be this way. This program only works with the old energy and according to the old laws. Please honour that!

The Program

The program is based on a period of time that the student is exposed to certain knowledge and self study. The training and work is divided into two parts:

1. Theoretical Work
2. Practical Work

The theoretical work is based on a number of books that the student reads as well as study material the student is given during classes. A list of books is given below. Many (not all) of these books are very hard to get and are difficult to find. This is one of the first challenges you face in beginning to learn the secrets of the ages.

The practical work is done with the Ritual Master Teacher and is the core of the program. This is done over classes that are offered through out the centres the school conducts in Canada, the United States and Japan.

The program can take from 2-7 years according to how much time one spends on study and how focused a student is on learning.

Content of Program

The steps of the program as listed below:

1. First Initiation

Includes one intensive weekend with the Ritual Master Teacher.
Plus pre-study on assigned material see below.

A. Externalization of the Hierarchy – by Alice Bailey.
B. Initiation, Human, Solar and Stellar – by Alice Bailey.
C. The Holy Bible: 1st Book of Moses 1st Corinthians Ch. 13 John Revelations.

2. Second Initiation – Basic Training

This is a training that the student goes through for the understanding of ritual and its inner workings! The Ritual Master Teacher scans the student and his/her progress in the program. This is the main energy that the Ritual Master Teacher reads to determine if the student can continue on this path. With this initiation you also receive your “true magical name”. This is highly important as this helps to answer one of the deepest questions we ask ourselves, “Who am I?”

Some of the topics that will be covered in your training are:

A. Tools of Ritual

  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Correct Breathing
  • Visualization
  • Meditation, etc….

B. The language and text of ritual

C. The Shamanic Journeys

D. Ritual Understanding:

  • Shamanic Rituals
  • Viking Rituals
  • Celtic Rituals
  • Kabbalistic Rituals
  • Universal, Cosmic Rituals and much more…

3. Initiation – Ritual Work

It is here that the student becomes a magus and begins his/her real ritual work. This is the most difficult part of the whole program and the Ritual Master Teacher monitors this part closely.

At the end of this period, the magus becomes a “Fully Initiated Ritual Master” and that gives you the title, Magus Hermeticus (Magus In/Of Service).

The most important thing to remember is that being a fully initiated Ritual Master has the highest responsibility to the light and the highest these is to always control your mind and what you think, say and do in life. This is what it is to truly be a Master!

List of Services provided by a Ritual Master:

  • Healing
  • Sanctifying
  • Exorcism, houses/people
  • Summoning of Energies
  • Summoning of Beings
  • Uplifting of the heart against depression
  • Empowering people
  • Empowering houses
  • Seasonal rituals
  • Healing and promoting growth of plants and gardens
  • Removing evil
  • Calling upon the light
  • Calling upon archangels
  • Uniting people in a clan
  • Protection rituals
  • Battle Magick
  • Helping to understand dreams

The full initiated Ritual Master or Magus Hermeticus in Service is motivated by the following:

  • The highest good of all those they work with
  • The love of humans
  • The love of children
  • The love of animals
  • Creating a new brighter future
  • Servicing the light
  • Creating abundance
  • Learning the mysteries
  • To be a whole as a human
  • To Be Alive
  • To become one with GOD.

You may send your request to be trained as a Ritual Master to Dave Lanyon, CEO MMS INT at: ( and your name will be submitted to the Ritual Master Teacher, Gudni Gudnason to be approved.

Cost Of Ritual Master Program

The Ritual Master program offers some of the most sacred teachings on the planet. It has existed for thousands of years and teaches the highest level on magick to ever exist on our plane. The price schedule for the ritual master program is a costly program, but as are the way of energy and the law of universal exchange it is priced fairly. It should be noted that those who choose to walk this path receive the energy they put out in fees back 1000 thousand fold from the universe! As is discussed above this program is a difficult one to walk and is not for everyone.

For assistance please contact:

Universal Kabbalah

THE UNIVERSAL KABBALAH is the purest form of esoteric study available on this planet. The study of GOD and the GOD Essence within humans is a noble and essential part of being a Spiritual Being. This is what makes us who and what we are and indeed through that study we come to the realization of who and what we are. KNOW THYSELF!

THE UNIVERSAL KABBALAH has come to us from the ancient of times and from the ancient of times and indeed has been with us from the beginning of human history on this planet. Kaballah means to “hand down” or “to receive” but is indeed the tradition of having knowledge handed down to us from a higher source, such as GOD. This form of the KABBALAH is pure in the sense that it is not affected by any religion or dogma.

The system is based on an internal view based on the fact that all knowledge about all things is indeed to be found within us. We have all the KNOWLEDGE we need so to all and any questions the answers are to be found within us. The most important thing is to then to find and ask the CORRECT QUESTIONS in order to fulfill a complete and good life. This is what the KABBALAH puts into focus.

The Modern Mystery School Canadian Headquarters conducts teaching in the Kaballah in the following manner.

KABBALAH 1: Introduction to the Kaballah with one ascension into the world of Malkuth.

KABBALAH 2: The next step is to climb the Tree of Life. There can be up to four possible Ascensions here.

KABBALAH 3: This step takes us to the most difficult part of the Tree but to have finished that gives strength. There are two possible Ascensions here.

KABBALAH 4: Here is the final part of the ascension into the tree of Life. This is the most holy part of the process here. The group is isolated for 3 days.

Please contact or call 416-625-3470 for our list of Certified Kabbalah Teachers around the world.

Elective Programs


Essential Oil Training, Level I, II, III

Learn the secret arts and rituals of applying essential oils. These classes focus on the ancient and powerful methods and recipes of Essential oils as have been handed down for over 3,500 years. Learn to access the full potential of these amazingly powerful oils!

Jikiden Reiki Practitioners Training

Reiki is the World???s most wide-spread healing art! Of the thousands of Reiki practitioners, few understand the philosophy and beginning of this powerful healing modality! There are many ???systems??? of Reiki today.

Each has its own vision and purpose. Each is effective and powerful! We view these as the Omega (end product) of Reiki. Experience the Alpha (beginning) of the Reiki system as it was taught in Japan by Dr. Usui.

This system differs greatly from those commonly available in North America. Jikiden Reiki is far more powerful and authentic then the current systems of Reiki available in North America today! Don???t believe us? Try it and find out what you have been missing!

The teachings will allow you to understand the mantras, the meaning of the words forming the mantras, as well as the origins of the energy flow. This course will provide you an introduction to the foundation of all Reiki systems available today. This introduction and the background knowledge of Reiki, the Japanese language used with it, and the original modality brought through by Dr. Usui will serve regardless of which Reiki system you practice.

King Salomon Healing Modalities (KSHM)

These healing modalities date back 3,500 years to King Salomon. The son of King David, King Salomon studied in spirituality and healing for his entire life. King Salomon established the greatest singular temple ever build and gathered from around the world all the head shamans, prophets, oracles, healers, medicine people and alchemists to study with him. The result of this exchange of information was the development of universal healing techniques as well as many hermetic and alchemical arts and knowledge. The Modern Mystery School tradition has maintained and used these methods throughout the ages, handing them down from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage and in the traditions and methods established and set down by King Salomon. KSHM involve a great many different classes and covers a vast area of study that can and will take several years to master all areas.

Native Shamanic Studies

From the mists of time, the ancient native discovered how to maximize human abilities of mind and spirit for healing and problem-solving. These ancestors were called shamans and medicine men or women, and their ancient teachings remain with us today. Native Shamanism is a deep course of study that is broken down into several classes and, should the student choose, it can last decades to study. Each level of the teachings/classes take you deeper into yourself and your power, revealing to you the mysteries of the Universe and how to work with them to flow your life more smoothly.

Tarot Card Reading and Use

Some see the tarot cards as a form of entertainment and amusement??? nothing more than a cheap party trick to get a laugh from the crowd. Others view it as a mystical experience, tapping into a form universal power, or a message from the higher self??? perhaps even from GOD.

At the MMS tarot reading is taken as a serious undertaking, and the activity should be approached with reverence. Tarot cards operate on many levels, describing both internal developments (emotions, thoughts, intuitive feelings) and external ones (actions and physical events). Think of the complete Tarot as a map where each card represents a different piece of a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle symbolizes the wide variety of possibilities and experiences available to us all and in particular you, as an individual.

Tarots when done properly and by a properly trained individual can provide a person with much needed guidance.

The tarot is an excellent tool to help answer questions and provide guidance and has been used for hundreds, (even thousands of years).

This program is taught by a 30 year Tarot card reader who holds the lineage and received training in one of the Seven Great Mystery Schools located in England and often referred to as the Golden Dawn.

Wiccan Studies

The knowledge and casting of spells, herbalism, divination and other magick of the Wicca.

Composed of multiple classes, this program is for those that wish to go out and eventually teach Magick to others and for those who wish to be truly initiated into the Wicca energy as a Wicca High Priestess or High Priest. With these Wicca classes and Initiations you will be handed down the knowledge to teach Magick as well as the ability to work and mix herbs used in magick. You will also receive recipes for many of the herbs you would commonly use or require.

Once you have completed the final initiation there will be a shift within your energy field that awakens your abilities to command and perform magick at a much higher level than non-initiates. You will also receive the title of: Wicca High Priestess or Priest.