DATE: November 15-16th, 2019

START TIME: 10 a.m.


Receive deeper teachings on the inner workings of Kabbalah and quantum reality from Modern Mystery School Founder Gudni Gudnason! 

In the beginning, we the human race, peeked out of our celestial domain and sought further instructions in the complexity of the quantum reality of infinity. We travelled to the Source of all things, the EN-SOF.As we stood at the Gate of the En-Sof, the En-Sof peeked out, just a little bit (FIAT LUX), but enough for us to become the Singularity, to GAIN AWARENESS and then to gain CONSCIOUSNESS, to start our mission through the Infinite Universe here.

Defined by a finite symmetrical universe of En-Sof, this being the first Big Bang that occurred inside our own being, our Soul waking up was the first Big Bang and thus the Known Universe awakened to its existence and purpose.

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REQUIRED LEVEL OF INITIATION: Certified Life Activation Practitioner

PRE-REQUISITES: Must be currently enrolled in or have completed the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Ascension Program.


First 15: $1800 USD*/ $2340 CAD* All spots booked at this rate!

16 to 30:$1900 USD*/ $2470CAD* All spots booked at this rate!

31+: $2000 USD*/ $2600 CAD*

*Plus Tax

DEPOSIT: $700 USD/ $900 CAD

Please note your deposit is non-refundable/non-transferable.

Advanced registration is required. Please contact Modern Mystery School Administration to place your deposit.


PHONE: 416-625-3470

TOLL-FREE: 1 (877) 275-1383 (in North America)

Booking Cut off date: October 18, 2019

A late registration fee of $150 USD is applied to registrations received after this date.



It is here that we see the birth of the Holy Kabbalah, as we as humans from the Adamic Seed in the Cloud of Intelligence, started to RECEIVE from the GREAT EN-SOF and its CENTRAL MIND or GREAT CENTRAL SUN as we call it. This is the origins of the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah we study today and it is only understood through Quantum Physics or as we used to call it: Meta-Physics. 

In this program, I will show you how we travelled as we are thus, TRAVELERS, through the NOW. Such defining space with time in a non-time existence, in a Dimensional deSitter Space filled with the beauty of Mendelbrot, floating on Scalar Waves into deeper waters, creating temporal permanence in an impermanent universe, realizing its nature, our nature, transmuting and then transforming our soul into something new, something exciting, our travel having no destination but rather is meant to be enjoyed as a moment of existence, the gathering of memories, photographs of a life….then we were born on this planet, just a blimp in the fraction of a moment of our journey, a short stop for emotional sustenance and then off we are to the numerous galaxies and sub space anomalies that are on our travel agenda.

See you all in Toronto, at the Beginning of it All.

~ Founder Gudni