raphaelAre there issues in your life that you would like to heal?

Do you suffer from physical difficulties, emotional pain, limiting or negative mental patterns, or anything else that is holding you back in life?

Do you feel isolated from Spirit and desire a stronger connection with Source?

Imagine your desire for healing at a core level being answered and immediately set in motion by spiritual forces, bypassing any filters or blocks???

Imagine how your life might change if you were touched directly by the grace and healing love of one of the most powerful healing Angel???s, known as Archangel Raphael???
In this rare and special program Angelic energy will wash over you and uplift you to a more balanced and whole state of mind, body, and spirit. Through this process you will:

??? Experience the inflow of profound joy, love, gratitude, and transformation that can heal you at any level: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
??? Receive deep healing in a core area of your life in such a way that it is anchored in at a cellular level for sustainable and lasting results.
??? Learn how the angels operate and how to shift your vibration to communicate with them directly on an ongoing basis.
??? Receive powerful techniques for tapping into the sacred heart where true healing can be accessed anytime it is needed.

This Angel Healing process is based on an ancient and authentic temple ceremony and methods handed down thousands of years ago from the angelic realms to King Salomon. This gift has been preserved through the mystery tradition and is being offered to the public as a unique opportunity to benefit from its healing power.
Inside the temple the veils are thinned and the angels and archangels are called in to directly grace us with their healing love. The potential for profound healing in this temple is immense and the experience is unique to each individual.

Special Note: A portion of the net proceeds from this event will be donated to a selected charitable organization

This program is open to everyone! Come join the healing experience and bring your family and friends.

Date: Sunday, September 18th, 2016
Time: 10am ??? 8pm
Location: Crown Point Hotel,
45 John Glenn Drive, Concord
Suggested Donation: $350

A $150 deposit is required to RSVP- please contact Erin Wallace at transformationalhealingcenter@gmail.com

Early Registration Offers:
First 5 people to register (spots 1-5) pay only $275 (a $75 savings) SOLD OUT
Next 5 people to register (spots 6-10) pay only $300 (a $50 savings) SOLD OUT
Next 10 people to register (spots 11-20) pay only $325 (a $25 savings) 4 SPOTS LEFT!
All other registrations (spots 21+) pay $350

Audits: those who have attended this full-day workshop and Raphael Healing Temple before may audit again for a donation of $150