Does self-doubt, hopelessness, guilt, jealousy or fear have an influence in your life?

Do you deal with bouts of depression, anger or frustration?

Are your thoughts stuck in a negative cycle?

Do you hold onto negative feelings that don’t benefit you?

Do you just feel stuck in life with no way to break free?

Don???t let these emotions stand in the way of a living a peaceful, relaxed and joyful life!

If you want to be in control of your emotions, thoughts and your life, this workshop is for you!

This amazing one day workshop is aimed to provide you with the tools you can use in your daily life to:

  • Disconnect from negative aspects of the self 
  • Release anger and/or sadness
  • Ease relationship problems and situational issues
  • Reconnect you with your positive attributes
  • Relax your mind and thoughts
  • Lighten your attitude toward life and others
  • Control your emotions, instead of being controlled by them.

Date: May 15th, 2014

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Location: 41 International Blvd., Etobicoke, ON

Cost: $395.00 + HST

Early bird: $325.00 + HST (Register by April 4th, 2014)

Deposit: $100

To register, please contact  L.I.F.E Programs

Email or call: 416-625-3470


“Amazing Class! Very informative with lots of great tips and advice. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. I am excited to apply this wisdom to my own life.” Stephanie Vassos, Toronto, Ontario

“This class explains so clearly the ego and how it works. It explains the negative ego so thoroughly, that no matter if you have been taking classes for years, you will receive value.  I had tons of ???Ah-ha??? moments during this class, and I am looking forward to being able to use this more fully in my life. I recommend this class to anyone who is looking to grow and work on themselves.” Deanna Kootsikas, Atlanta, USA

“I felt blocks begin to loosen even while still sitting in the class.” Jacqueline, Toronto, Ontario

“It was a very empowering experience. I feel more equipped to deal with my own issues. I feel more hopeful for my future.” NW, Toronto, Ontario

“This has been a very inspiring class for me. Dave has taken this and handed down so many tools that I know is going to help me make my dream and vision into my reality. What is so amazing is that it is really simple, yet it guides how to get there in ways that is successful and works!  Thank you Dave, I feel honoured that you are sharing your amazing knowledge and your time with us.”   Catherine Galathiankis Cape Town, South Africa

“This class is always a great reminder to how we conduct our thoughts. It creates reminders of how to directly deal with the negative ego. It is practical on all levels in life.” Edie Kolazar Toronto, Ontario

“This class is amazing. The topics touch a piece inside of me and help me see and have realizations where my negative ego rules. I realize through taking and auditing this class that I am much more than I realize. The fear that paralyses me is now in for a fight.  I will now start to see my negative ego as a separate entity that lacks purpose in my work and my path.  Thanks so much! Can we do this monthly ~ I wish!” Kerri Bailey, Toronto, Ontario

“It is and amazing kick-ass program. You learn to kick your fear and negative ego to the ground so that you can move forward in life.”  Stephan Venter Cape Town, South Africa

“This class was fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone.  Thank you for this gift. I would love to bring this program into my school. I would love to be able to one day teach it. I believe this class should be taught everywhere.” Mel Bellissimo, Ontario, Canada

“I???ve been waiting to do this class for over a year now, and it completely blew me away. The way Dave breaks down the process is clear and easy to follow. Even after several years of working on myself, this class provides a more complete view of the work at hand and has some really practical tools and techniques to assist with the process of stepping into your true power. I can???t wait for the next opportunity to put the tools into action!” Norman, Ireland, UK