DATE: May 20th and 21st, 2022

START TIME: 10 a.m.

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

This is your final step before preparing for third step. Here the Ritual Master that starts their training in Higher Magick starting with Sigils, Seals and Magickal spells. The Apprentice begins moving deeper into the knowledge of the 3.0 Ritual Master which is the last initiation received. This is done with preparation through training in the PRIMA, SECUNDA and TRES! This level has no Initiation; instead, it contains the beginning of the deepest and most sacredly held Ritual Master training and knowledge. Prepare to open the Gates of Mystery…

Modern Mystery School will do absolutely everything to ensure that this program can be run safely and effectively through the Covid-19 pandemic, however we acknowledge that scheduling changes may occur that are out of our control, such as updates to Covid-19 mandates by local, state or federal governments.  Should any changes take place due to updates from any government, we will notify you immediately.

We strongly recommend booking a refundable or transferrable plane ticket in the event that shifting laws and public health requirements beyond our control no longer make this program possible. As an empowered individual, we leave it to you to make the best choice for your travel arrangements.

Certified Ritual Master Apprentice (RM 2.0)

Certified LAP
**See application for full requirements

REQUIRED LEVEL OF TRAINING: Enochian Levels 1 through 4

**Attendance at Enochian Training Level 5 is also required of all Ritual Masters attending RM 2.5.

Registrations taken on a first-come, first-serve basis with deposit.

Limited Seating! 

$4000 USD + tax / $5200 CAD + tax
**$500 USD / $650 CAD admin fee applies to late applications and late full payments
DEPOSIT : $400 USD   / $520 CAD 

***To apply for the Ritual Master Program, please access the application form that is within your student profile in the MMS DatabaseDeadline to apply is April 1st, 2022***

Click here to download the payment authorization form for registration deposits! (You do not need to send separate payment authorization forms for each class deposit, you can total them on one form.)

To book and pay your $100 USD RM application fee please contact info@modernmysteryschoolint.com 

or call Toll Free 1 (877) 275-1383 (in North America) or 416-625-3470

Application submission and application fee is due by: April 1st, 2022*

Full balance payment due by:
April 19th, 2022*

*A late fee of $500 USD is applied to  payments received after the dates indicated above.

Did you know that Modern Mystery School is taking extra care during the Covid-19 Pandemic?  Check out our protocol!