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On Discernment

Quantum Minds TV

  • The Power of Co-Creation – Manifestation, creation (link)
  • Cultivate the Inner Warrior – Hermetics, warrior mindset, discernment, overcoming mediocrity (link)
  • Science meets Alchemy – Know Thyself, why the path is needed, knowing vs. living (link)
  • The Journey to Self-Mastery – Commitment, Ego, Free Will, What is a Mystery School, Investing in Self, Abundance, Lineage (link)
  • Progressing on the Path of Awakening – Health, Exerceise, Making the world a better place, Overcoming resistance, authentic self, self love (link)

Gender | Transgenderism

  • Where does transgenderism stand? – Hermetics, Gender, Transgenderism ideology/movemnt, does MMS support transgenderism? (link)
  • Critical Thinking for Children and Trans – Society & Culture, Protecting Children, What is the transgender movement? (link)
  • Why Do Archetypes Matter? – Masculine & Feminine, Archetypes in society, How they serve the individual/humanity (link)
  • The Dance of Masculine & Feminine – Internal balance, Growth, Creating Harmony, Healing (link)
  • Harmonize vs. Homogenize – The imporatance of differences, Men & Women, Critical Thinking, Individuallity (link)
  • There’s Room for Everyone to Heal – Healing, Change, Let go of suffering (link)
  • Are you your Sexual Orientation? – Choice, Sexual Preference, Reality (link)

Know Thyself

  • Achieving your Goals with Dave Lanyon – Commitment, Discipline, Consistency (link)
  • What is True Sucesss? – Joy, Money, Know Thyself, Inner Peace, Personal Values (link)
  • Dave Lanyon on Your Most Important Relationship – Know Thyself (link)

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