Spring Equinox Ceremony – T.O.

spring equinox

The Wheel of the Year has once again made its way through the power of Winter and we emerge once again into the joyful season of growth ??? Spring! The Spring Equinox marks the day where the Light surges back to power and we witness the balance of day and night.

From this time forward, we know that the Light shall only continue to wax and make the days brighter; but on this sacred day, we pay homage to that balance and celebrate the hints of what is yet to come. This sacred day is also known as Ostara, named for the goddess of spring who emerges at this time to restore nature from her slumber and stimulates the growth and abundance of all the gifts that the earth has to offer.

The MMS Wicca Coven Community welcomes you to join us in the spirit of the new season as we honour Ostara, the fresh arrival of spring and the magick of growth!

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017

8:00pm to 10:00pm

Modern Mystery School HQ
41 International Blvd, Etobicoke

Energy Exchange: $25.00

** Please send us an email to let us know you will be attending so that we can look forward to your presence in ceremony! You may reach us at info@modernmysteryschoolint.com