Friday, January 13, 2012 – 7 p.m.

Don’t just survive the seasons, thrive with them!

Every season of the year brings about a unique change in our lives. Often times we don’t see it until we look back at the year. We know it inherently which is why there is always an underlying push to have New Years Resolutions. But each season has it’s own cycles ??? each month, each week and each day offer opportunities for us to start a new and brings limitless possibility. Where we tend to stumble with our January 1st goals is because we are not recognizing the natural cycles of nature and the seasons that interplay with our own rhythms.

We winterize our cars, our homes and our wardrobes why not but not our minds or spirits?

In this free presentation, Christina will be discussing each season’s corresponding elements and energies that affect us, in order to be aware of these cycles and how we can come into alignment with them and be in the flow!

About your presenter:

Christina Colli Lozano

Communicating ideas, energy and knowledge is a passion for Christina Colli, Editor-in-Chief of Magus magazine and Vice-President for the Modern Mystery School Canada. Her life???s calling is to share the ancient wisdom of the lineage of King Salomon as a Guide, Master Teacher and Healer. As a Wiccan High Priestess and lineage holder of the MMS Wiccan Coven she frequently leads ceremony, teaches the old ways of natural magick and fuses it together with the higher vibrations of change that are affecting the planet. She believes that by honouring nature and its cycles we can come to Empower ourselves and create positive change in the world. Through teaching such programs as Empower Thyself and Know Thyself, Christina testifies that the power of initiation into the Mystery School lineage will truly allow people to activate their highest potential.