Start the year of 2018 with the first steps in the Most Grand Spiritual Adventure of your life yet!

The UNIVERSAL HERMETIC RAY KABBALAH Ascension Journey is a Year-Long Immersive Experience with the Sacred Tree of Life in the Hermetic Lineage of King Salomon! Ascend through each sphere of the Tree, experiencing its gifts and transformative energy bringing you closer and closer to God and into greater alignment with your own Divine nature!

More than simply knowledge and wisdom, you will experience the spiritual alchemy of ascension, changing your life forever!

Taught by Martina Coogan, International Master Teacher with the Modern Mystery School.


The UNIVERSAL HERMETIC RAY KABBALAH Ascension Journey through the Modern Mystery School is being offered for the first time ever in Texas!

Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah is an ancient, mystical system that allows us to truly know ourselves. And in learning about ourselves, we come into greater awareness of our own Divine nature, leading to a deeper connection with God.

Kabbalah is designed to answer these 5 questions of the ages:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Where am I going?
  • What is my purpose?

The magick of the Kabbalah is revealed through a sacred glyph, or symbol, known as the Tree of Life. In studying this Tree, we take our experience of our own life into a higher realm of consciousness and awareness. And it is through this experience that we come to discover the answers to these questions!

Beyond study and discussion, a core element that sets this program of study apart is the immersive and experiential component. You will work directly with each sphere on the Tree of Life, experiencing its energy and gifts to tangibly move and shift your life in the direction of your Divinity!

In this exclusive 12-month program of the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah, London-based International Master Teacher, Martina Coogan, will facilitate a journey that will ascend you up the Tree of Life, allowing you to truly see your life, thoughts, actions, and emotional patterning in a whole new light!

And it is through the spiritual alchemy of ascension through the Tree of Life that the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah will bring you closer and closer to God and closer to your own Divine nature.

In this 12 month Immersive Program you will receive & experience:

  • 3 Ascension Weekends
  • Final 3-day Retreat
  • Instruction in Ancient Lineage Teachings
  • 11 Study Group Meetings
  • Creational/Practical Application
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Rituals and Prayers

KABBALAH 1: January 6-7, 2018



KABBALAH 4: December 2018 date TBD

** Plus study groups scheduled monthly

PRE-REQUISITE: Empower Thyself – Adept Initiation



Kabbalah 1 • $900

Kabbalah 2 • $900

Kabbalah 3 • $900

Kabbalah 4 • $900 + retreat costs

Specialized Pricing for Healers Academy Certified Graduates:

Kabbalah 1 • $700

Kabbalah 2 • $700

Kabbalah 3 • $700

Kabbalah 4 • $700 + retreat costs


$500 (due before each of the classes, Kabbalah 1-4)



11 @ $20/each

Scheduled approximately every 3-4 weeks.

**All prices listed are in $USD**


The audit price for certified LAPs is $315 per class OR $405 per class for Adepts or those who are not currently updated and certified professional with attending the annual Professional Integration Day.


$250 (due before each of the classes, Kabbalah 1-4)


If you are a certified LAP graduate of Healers Academy and a Kabbalist in the lineage of King Salomon:

Kabbalah 1 • $315

Kabbalah 2 • $315

Kabbalah 3 • $315

Kabbalah 4 • $315 + retreat costs


Adept Audit Pricing

Kabbalah 1 • $405

Kabbalah 2 • $405

Kabbalah 3 • $405

Kabbalah 4 • $405 + retreat costs




About Your Instructor, MARTINA COOGAN: A holder of light for people on their journey and the planet as a whole, Martina is a Master Teacher, Guide and Healer with the Modern Mystery School. Raised in Galway, Martina always had the desire to travel and explore. Her travels took her to the United States where she lived for fourteen years. A graduate in Psychology, Martina had a thirst for deeper understanding, knowledge and truth about humanity, the world we live in and the purpose of all. It was this desire that brought about her encounter with the Modern Mystery School and from there, her own personal journey and inner transformation, an experience so profound that it compelled her to make it her life’s work. Traveling internationally as a Master Teacher, Martina conducts a variety of dynamic workshops all focused on spiritual awareness and personal empowerment. She has taught in Ireland, England, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Canada, Singapore, South Africa and the Middle East, unifying the spirit within each person and every community she visits.


Activate Austin provides a sanctuary of safe and sacred space for learning and growing that is free from judgement and free from dogma. Our doors are open to provide a place to anchor the Light for those who are awakening to their gifts, their Divinity, and their higher purpose. Activate Austin is an affiliate of the Modern Mystery School offering healings, classes, and training upholding the lineage of King Salomon.