Warriors of Light is the quintessential Ritual Master program, combining the energetic battle of darkness with the physical application of martial arts. This spiritual battle is the way of the true warrior, and necessary part of protecting humanity from the evil that pervades our physical plane.


PREREQUISITE: Basic Exorcism

REQUIREMENTS: Must wear an official WOL Gi and tee-shirts as uniform, as well as have a WOL kit.

WOL Gis and Kits are available for purchase with your registration:

  • Standard Black WOL Gis for all RMs = $360 CAD / $300 USD
  • Red WOL Gi for 3rd Steps only = $360 CAD / $300 USD (Optional)
  • WOL Kits = $144 CAD / $120 USD


**WOL Is a pre-requisite to attend RM 2.5, and this is the last time WOL will be run until August 2016. For those who wish to do RM 2.5 or higher BEFORE Fall of 2016, you will need to complete this program.**

**All Ritual Masters are strongly encouraged to come, however it is mandatory for all 2.5 and 3rd step Ritual Masters to attend to maintain their status – NO EXCEPTIONS**


DATE: August 11-14, 2015

ORIENTATION: Evening of August 10, 2015

LOCATION: Private Retreat outside of Toronto, Ontario


First 25 to book will receive the program at $1500 CAD / $1250 USD** All spots booked!

26-50 will receive the program at $1650 CAD / $1350 USD** All spots booked!

51+ will receive the program at $1740 CAD / $1450 USD**

 **Plus taxes


***For all registrations after July 1st there will be a $200 late fee.***

***For all registrations after August 1st there will be a $500 late fee ??? only if spots are available! If there are no spots available, your registration you may not be accepted.***

DEPOSIT: A $780 CAD / $650 USD deposit is required to confirm your spot.

This deposit is non-refundable non-transferable. If you do not attend the fee will be surrendered 100% to the teacher as compensation.

A deposit will be required upon booking. The remainder needs to be paid on August 10th and must be completed PRIOR to boarding the bus to go to location. This is first come, first serve and you are only guaranteed your price once WW HQ has received your deposit payment. At that time they will provide you a number in the sequence. IE. Number 38, cost $1225.


  • ALL ACCOMMODATIONS both before and after W.O.L. location
  • Transportation (by Bus) to and from W.O.L. location
  • ALL meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner during W.O.L.
  • ALL training, teaching and conference rooms.
  • One Free T-shirt! (Please note required size when reserving your spot).


To book please contact info@modernmysteryschoolint.com or call Toll Free 1 (877) 275-1383 (in North America)