Where Do I Begin

Most of us ask at some point in our life the questions which attempt to illuminate the bigger picture such as:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is the meaning of (my) life?

Where did I come from?

Where am I going?

And some even question???

Why do I have to suffer so much?

What did I do to ???deserve??? this?

???or some variation of the above. If you seek a higher level of understanding, if you suspect there is a greater purpose for your life, to your journeys on this planet, if you want to know the truth, and then please join us for a real-life adventure of mystery, magick, and wisdom!

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and thought ???I wish my life were more exciting.??? Adventure, intrigue, mystery, ancient wisdom, secrets truths, hidden history, unique and usual places, people and so much more??? this is the truth of our school! Until only a decade ago many of these teachings were not open to the public. They were closely guarded and protected to keep the lineage and the truest teachings pure and un-tampered. Now all our invited to step into the path. To step into the wisdom of the ages???

There are many choices, paths, adventures, challenges, discoveries, responsibilities and illumination with each step of your journey. As with all spiritual paths, the goal is not the destination, but rather the discovery of your true self, to KNOW THYSELF! Your strengths and weaknesses, your resourcefulness, and the power of your own will and intention. There are gifts that lie hidden at each turn, waiting to be revealed as you overcome each new challenge you face. As you progress on the path, the gifts and tools gained along the way will be indispensable in fulfilling your life purpose and achieving your highest potential.

It is the belief of the is school and it lineage that to truly understand thyself is a demanding path. It requires learning at every level of life, for why else do you take this journey but to learn and find joy in who and what you are. The answer for each is different however there are tried and true methods, sacred teachings, and sacred rituals that have thousands of years of proven success in bringing you into higher knowledge.

This goes far beyond any numbers of books you can read or in many cases pre-conceived notions of what life is about. The World, the Universe and YOU are far greater and more important to all there is then you may even imagine!

We recognize we are not the only path, for there are many paths to the divine, however, every shamanic culture and ancient spiritual teaching on the planet tells us simply reading the latest popular book is not enough. Not by far!! In not studying lineage held teachings you run a great risk of miss-directing yourself on your search. Using the methods taught and handed down by our ancient ancestors has been proven to work. That’s why they are still used today!

When you enter our school as a full student (become an Adept) you become a member of the Hierarchy Of Light and in turn join in the service of all humanity to help raise and grow the collective consciousness of our planet by using these ancient teachings, rituals and methods in helping people that request assistance to grow.

There is NO ???new age??? or non lineage focused teachings taught under the auspices of the MMS, however we do offer other studies we have found to be effect that are non-lineage based. These non lineage teachings are clearly noted to the student if they wish to participate and are not a part of the true MMS lineage.

What???s my next step?

There are many classes that are open to the public and do not require a person to become a student of the school to leaned. A few examples of these would be astral travel, Gifts of the Sprit, Sacred Geometry etc. All so the many services that a person can receive form the MMS is available to the public, such as DNA activations, healings service, shamanic service etc.

For those how feel called or want to be taught true lineage based higher Magicks, rituals, temples or the ability to offer these healing services we recommend the following steps:

  • Receive an Life Activation.
  • Take the Empower Thyself classes (initiation)
  • Attend in no particular order Gifts of the Spirit, Sacred Geometry, and Astral Travel
  • Do the Know Thyself program

After this point the student will be given numerous choices on becoming a speciality general healer, begin training in higher Magickal works, etc. These will be discussed more in-depth with each student in person with a senior Guide or Master Teacher (Magister Templi).

The Hierarchy of Light has three steps in order to be in full service to the Light:

Empower Thyself Program and Initiation

Here you receive your Adept initiation and become affiliated with the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT on a permanent basis and you will receive ten times more power to do light work than before. At this level you begin to be given the deeper knowledge of forces working within your life and spirit.

Know Thyself Program and Initiation

Here you receive your 2nd Step Initiation on the path of Adepthood. The Know Thyself Program and Initiation is also the gateway to higher teachings and initiations of service in the Modern Mystery School tradition, for it is through service to others you can come to know yourself more deeply.

The Guide

This is the most difficult part of the program. It takes as great effort to become a Guide. Here is where the strength of the spirit and the power of God in its pure form manifest in the physical. A Guide must learn to love all without exception and he/she is in 100% service to the Light at all times, on all planes and in all dimensions. Guides are trained and initiated with the authority to initiate Adepts into the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT. A VERY special role indeed!

Other Possibilities ??? Becoming a Ritual Master

At some point in time you may find yourself drawn to the service of a Ritual Master. The ‘Warrior of the Light’ or what is often refered to as the ‘Road of the Wizard’. This is no joke and is not a game or some kind of fantasy! The Ritual Master is taught the most prowerful magick on the planet (in due time and with dedicated work). The path of a Ritual Master is a very difficult path to walk, as it deals with the elimination of the negative ego. This path requires one to be in service to all of humanity without expectation or reward or recognition. The negative ego has no place in the mind of a Ritual Master. For within the negative ego, the dark resides and Ritual Masters are purely in service to the light!