DATE: November 8th-9th, 2019

TIME: Evenings


Guide Training and Initiation for those approved to become Guides.

For those interested in becoming a Guide must have completed an application and been pre-approved to attend.
Your application must be submitted no later than September 27th, 2019.*

*Any submissions after this date will be subject to a $250 USD late application fee.


REQUIRED LEVEL OF INITIATION: Life Activation Practitioner

PRE-REQUISITES: Applied and has been approved.


AUDIT : $100 USD*/ $135CAD*

DEPOSIT : $500 USD*/$675 CAD* non-refundable

* Plus Tax

Payments can be made in either cash or credit card.


Advanced registration is required. Please contact Modern Mystery School Administration to place your deposit.


PHONE: 416-625-3470

TOLL-FREE: 1 (877) 275-1383 (in North America)

Booking Cut off date: October 18, 2019

A late registration fee of $150 USD is applied to registrations received after this date.