An invitation to All Adept Initiates:

Join us to celebrate the Sabat of Mabon and the Fall Equinox!

At the Fall Equinox, the day and night are of equal length, ushering in the next quarter of the Wheel of the Year where the Sun’s light diminishes in strength and we enter the darkest time of year, until the Sun is reborn at Winter Solstice. 
This Sabat, traditionally called Mabon, is also known as the second harvest. It is a time of thanksgiving, a time to be grateful for the bounty of nature, but also for the fruits that we have created in our life. 
The Equinox being the day of equal light and dark, it also is a time of balance, a chance to reflect on how that is showing up in our lives and how we can harness this energy to move forward. 
Initiates are welcome to join the MMS Wicca Coven Community as we connect to this time of thanksgiving, gratitude and balance! 

Friday, September 23rd
7:30 pm to 9 pm

Modern Mystery School HQ
41 International Blvd, Etobicoke


$30.00 includes taxes and fees 
Pay in advanced or at the door

*Open to all Adept Initiates and Higher*

 Seating is limited and magickal items must be prepared ahead of time,
so advanced registration is very important to us.

Kindly send us an email to let us know you will be attending!
Please RSVP by Wednesday, September 21st at 5 p.m.


 You may reach us at: