Make an Elfin Staff at Elfin & Faery Magick on March 6th!

Create powerful Elfin & Faery Magickal crafts & tools:
~ An Elfin Staff for Ritual!
~ Herb spell charm bag!
~ Protection Talisman!
~ plus receive secret Elfin & Faery rituals
~ and more!!!

****Please register by Friday, February 26th to reserve your spot!****

The faerie???s are a beautiful race of beings who live their lives based on unity, love, bliss and connection with the beauty and music of nature contained within the Earth and Sky.

The Elves are an equally beautiful race of beings known for their good humor, craftsmanship remarkable healing abilities as much as they are for their deep relationship with the woods and mountains. 

In this program you will meet the faeries and elves and they will share their magic and love with you.  Your heart will open and you will learn many secrets about your own unique relationship with the earth and your own special connection to the magical wonders of the world. 

After evoking help from the faeries and elves, you will create magical tools of the highest vibration to take home with you and use to continue working with this magick in your daily life!

DATE: Sunday, March 6th
TIME: 11 a.m. until approximately 7 p.m.


First 10 = $325 USD / $400 CAD 

11 ??? 20 = $350 USD / $430 CAD

21??? 35 = $375 USD / $460 CAD 

36+ = $400 USD / $500 CAD

Plus Taxes.


DEPOSIT: $200 USD / $250 CAD 

AUDIT FEE: $150 USD / $185 CAD

Advanced registration is required. 

To book, please contact or call Toll Free 1-(877)-275-1383 (in North America)