What does it mean to be on a spiritual path?

There are different spiritual traditions that contain a path where one can gain more knowledge of themselves and the universe, each one slightly different from the other, but all leading to the same place; enlightenment.  Within most of these traditions lays two paths; that of the Healer, and that of the Warrior.

Which one calls out to you?  Perhaps both of them do, but what does it mean to be a healer, a warrior?

Each one of us has a calling and purpose, following a path can bring more clarity and awareness to that purpose.  Join Peter as he discusses the path of the healer and warrior and what makes each one so special within the Modern Mystery School tradition.

Peter Lozano is a 3rd step Ritual Master, Guide, and Warriors of Light Instructor within the Modern Mystery School.  He began his spiritual path in 2005 when his soul heard the calling to search and yearn for more.  Throughout his journey he trains on both the healer and warrior sides of his path, bridging the power of both into his life.


DATE: Friday, March 1st, 2019

TIME: 7:00pm

Modern Mystery School
41 International Blvd.
Toronto, ON M9W 6H3

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