Mermaids have been in our fairy tales for a long time. Yet do we believe they are real?

What if they are not only more than real but can offer deep teachings to enhance our lives and help us live a more deeply fulfilled life? At this time, these lost teachings are returning so we can be more fulfilled!

Would you like more passion in your life?

Mermaids are the source of passion for the planet. They bring the Magick of the deep, deep healing of the mind and deeper understanding of the nature of reality. Learn to work with these ancient and magical beings to heal the planet with this passion and to bring it to all the areas of your life.

Passion is the energy that heals all apathy and disease and fills us with the energy to create our lives as we dream – Now is the TIME to experience their energy and answer the mysterious and alluring call of the deep through their ancient and magical practices.

Come join us with your friends and family to work with Mer People – they are not so foreign to us as we are made of WATER – they will help us to ignite the Passion within! Especially Manhattan Island is surrounded by water as you know – Great Place to work with the Element of WATER!

Registration is now open! Do take advantage of an Early Registration offer. Make it a great gift for yourself and for your loved one!

Date: January 15th (Sun) 11am – 6pm

Venue: TBA (Manhattan NYC)

Investment: $350, 300 if you register with a $100 pre payment by 12/18 / Audit Price $105

Instructor: Lorraine Henrich (International Instructor with Modern Mystery School)

About Lorraine Henrich:
New Jersey-based Instructor Lorraine Henrich travels internationally teaching and offering healing sessions. Since she was a child, Lorraine has been connected to the spiritual realms through intuition and dream time. She has trained extensively over the past 16 years with the Modern Mystery School in the ancient wisdom school teachings. She is a Reiki Master, Kabbalah Instructor, Egyptian High Priestess, Wiccan High Priestess, and an initiated Celtic Shaman, Guide, and Third Step Ritual Master (Magus Hermeticus) in the lineage of King Salomon.

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