???This was a great class! It brought to light why I have been getting tripped up repeatedly with behaviours and patterns I have wanted to change. I left with some practical tools to apply to my daily life and am so excited to live them.??? – Ana S., New York

LifeProgramsWithLogo-BOTHEveryone experiences some form of negative emotions, be it depression, anger, frustration, self-doubt, jealousy or guilt. These emotions are a drain on your energy and stand in the way of you living a happy and successful life.


The Releasing Your Negative Emotions workshop is aimed to provide you with the tools you can use in your daily life to:

  • Disconnect from the undesired aspects for yourself
  • Release anger and/or sadness
  • Ease relationship problems and situational issues
  • Reconnect with your positive attributes
  • Relax your mind and thoughts
  • Lighten your outlook toward life and attitude toward others
  • Control your emotions, instead of being controlled by them



You have the ability to control your negative emotions and take charge of your life. The power is within you! The choice is yours to make the change and release your negative emotions to reveal the true you inside!

DATE: Saturday, July 11th

TIME: 10 a.m. –  6 p.m.

Modern Mystery School
41 International Blvd
Etobicoke, ON
M9W 6H3

$325 if you register by June 30th
$395 if you register after July 1st
Plus taxes. $100 deposit is required to register. 



ABOUT THE TEACHER: Dave Lanyon, has travelled the world for the last 25 years training and coaching individuals, small businesses, and corporations to achieve success in all areas of life: financial well-being, athletic prowess, emotional health and mental acuity. The result: a revolutionary methodology that creates inspiration, fulfillment and freedom in people???s lives.





Dave cuts to the chase about the greatest deceiver in all of our lives ??? one so incidious, so damn smart that the vast majority of people have absolutely no idea that they’re lives are orchestrated by this negative ego deception. This great deceiver herds us into a prison of our own making again and again, weather we are aware of it or not. Dave passed along the first key to helping us get out of this mess, and that is awareness that we are in it. For the rest of the keys, the best advice I can give to you is to attend his class and learn these truths and they shall set you free! – Sandy S.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Dave is humorous, but very strong in teaching everything there is to know. The class is a must for everyone. It will answer many questions about what motivates you through your life and choices you make. – Lilly Pliakes

It took everything I thought I knew and understood and turned it upside down. There were many ???ah-ha??? moments while sitting in class. – Brian Martin

I???ve been waiting to do this class for over a year now, and it completely blew me away. The way Dave breaks down the process is clear and easy to follow. Even after several years of working on myself, this class provides a more complete view of the work at hand and has some really practical tools and techniques to assist with the process of stepping into your true power. I can???t wait for the next opportunity to put the tools into action! – Norman, Ireland


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