Sacred Geometry II – The Crystal Lightworker

Date: September 15

Start time: 10am

End time: 6pm

Is the healer within you waiting to be heard?

Are you a healer, looking for more tools to help your clients?

Have crystals always stood out to you, but you’re not quite sure why?

Let’s start building a relationship with crystals & bring healing and light into your life and the lives of those around you!

Crystals are beings that want to work with us & in this full day intensive you will learn a multitude of ways to connect and activate them for all the ways they desire to help you serve!


In this full day workshop you will attain ancient knowledge and tools that will allow you to:

∞ Crystal Healing –  This incredibly versatile series proves useful in many areas of our lives from mental, physical & emotional. Learn 10 distinct layouts for different benefits.

∞ Crystal Healing Rite- Heal old & new wounds as well as bring in good fortune with these ancient crystal chants. Crystal Healing Rites begin an accelerated healing process and are extremely powerful.

∞ Crystal Reading- Using twin crystals, access a client’s Akashic Records to gain insight & understanding from the past or the future.

∞ Dream with Crystals- Use crystals to have more vivid dreams & a more restful sleep.

∞  Crystal Grids- Geometrically Grid a home, business or space using crystals. Learn 4 specific Crystal Grids to anchor in protection, light, positive energy, God & Goddess energies, as well as manifestation. Once laid these grids stay anchored, uplifting a space indefinitely!

∞ Crystal Care- Learn proper care and maintenance for your Healing & Working Crystals. Happy crystals do good work!

All the tools, training and techniques received  in this workshop can serve as a great toolbox to begin or expand your own healing practice.  Begin generating income while being in service to others- how great is that?

Receive Working & Healing Crystals to start your service as soon as you leave the workshop!

Pre-requisites: Sacred Geometry I

Investment: $320 *Plus Taxes

Deposit amount: $150

Audit fee: $85

Registration deadline: September 10th


Location: Modern Mystery School HQ

41 International Blvd, Etobicoke

**To reserve your seating in this class, a deposit is required.

Please email or call 416-625-3470 to register