Date                October 16th, 2012

Location         Toronto, Ontario

Time               11:00 am – ???

Event Description

This is the second step to  Sacred Geometry.  Exploring the sacred geometries further, we will go deep into the mysteries of crystals and how we can enhance our homes with four powerful geometric forms.

These teachings come directly from the ancient MU Text ??? the ancient methods of calling in unseen forces are many.  In this class we will explore one of these.  You will learn how to call in energies that will establish a good home and a better life. 

Included is:

  • Crystal Magick
  • Crystal Healings
  • Crystal Readings
  • Crystal Dreaming
  • Crystal Magickal Forms
  • Enhancing Home Geometry
  • Creating a wonderful home environment
  • And More

You will learn how to four separate sacred geometries with crystals by placing them in a specific order and pattern, while chanting rituals in such a way that will open doorways into different realms.  These four separate patterns create:

  1. Protection
  2. Bring God into your home
  3. Call in the God & Goddess of Light energy
  4. Completion, wholeness, abundance & manifestation of all your desires & needs

This seminar is based on true magick for those who want the real thing!  Join us for a day that will give you practical tools you can use immediately to enhance your health, home, and life.

Supplies are required for this class. Cost will range from $30.00 – $60.00. This will be provided on the day of the class.

Required Level of Initiation             Open to All – Public is welcome to attend

Prerequisites                                    Sacred Geometry 1


First 10 to Book                    $225.00

11 to 20                                  $250.00

21 +                                         $300.00

Audit                                       $125.00 * No supplies are included. You must bring your own.

Deposit                                   $100.00 (non-refundable deposit)

To book please contact or call Toll Free 1 (877) 275-1383 (in North America)

** USD taken at par