The Modern Mystery School is an international organization providing individuals worldwide with the knowledge, tools and support for personal and spiritual growth and empowerment. The Healers Academy is a five-day intensive certification course that offers the skills and techniques to launch your own spiritual business or increase your existing practice!

Healers Academy Level 1 certifies you to provide the Life Activation and Full Energy Balancing Session, as well as teaching to facilitate the Max Meditation workshop.

Become a Certified Life Activation Practitioner and???

??? Heal yourself so you can heal others
??? Empower yourself so you can empower others
??? Find your purpose in life and awaken others??? life purpose through the Life Activation!
??? Provide energy healing and balancing sessions to clients!
??? Access the various human energy systems!
??? Learn how the Light can heal and transform people!
??? Learn how you can make a difference in the world!
??? ???..and more!