August 29th, 2015

in Florianopolis, Brazil

Awaken the element of air in your life and expand your consciousness!

The power of Air has been known to lift spirits and raise vibratory frequencies through the power of scent and smoke.  Essential oils hold the CLASSES_Wicca_Air_Awakening_Oilsmysteries of the earth in their sweet fragrance, and help us to unlock psychic energies within us. While burning distinctive herbs and resins as ???smudging??? or ???censing??? is an ancient and potent way of purifying and healing oneself.

Learn more about working with essential oils, herbs and resins in the Wiccan tradition and create Air magick in your life!


In this class you will gain:

  • Knowledge  of  Essential  Oils,  Herb  and  Resin
  • History  and  application  of  Anointing  and  Smudging  Ceremonies
  • The  handing  down  of  many  Essential  Oil Blend Recipes
  • Turning  oil  and  herb  recipes  into  powerful  incense
  • As  well  as  completed  magickal  oil  blends  to  take  home  for  personal  use


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