August 30th, 2015

in Florianopolis, Brazil

Awaken the element of fire and ignite your passion!


Fire has been integral part of spiritual ceremony since the very beginning. It is considered the highest vibrational earthy element and it???s presence in our lives is vital our passion, motivation and creativity.

Whether it is through working with the energetic quality of fire or the flame itself through candles, awakening the element for fire in your life is sure to set your heart ablaze!

In this class you will gain:

CLASSES_Wicca_Fire_Awakening_Candles??? A greater connection to the energy of Fire
??? History of working with fire in the witches??? craft
??? Understanding the true potency of the flame
??? The combination of other elements with fire
??? How to form clear intentions and affirmations
??? How to do true candle magick!
??? How to manifest your goals, dreams and desires!


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